[Tig] Memorable TX Moments

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Tue Mar 4 19:56:34 GMT 2003

The story of the tea trolley....

One evening, as always, the tea trolley arrived at TK on the 2nd floor at
TVC. Everyone on duty made their way for the late night snack.

If anyone was 'on the air', there would be someone to 'mind the baby' while
the operator wend for a cuppa.

On this particular night, the shift supervisor got himself a (grated) cheese
roll. When he returned to the control room, he noticed a speck of dirt on
the tube of the machine on TX.

He went down to the machine to tell the operator to try to remove it, but
decided to do it himself.

Anyone familiar with the old 35mm Cintel Twin Lens machines would know that
it was impossible to physically get to the tube because of the shutter
blades. You had to use a can of compressed air.

This was unavailable, so the supervisor tried to blow the dirt from the tube
himself, showering the faceplate of the tube with grated cheese!

Nice effect!

Jeff (never a TK supervisor and never got the reels of a film in the wrong
order) Booth
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