[Tig] TX stories

Pete Barth petebart
Tue Mar 4 21:37:02 GMT 2003

Anybody else got old TX stories?

1978 or so in Hollywood.
My neighbor was the dam-keeper at the Hollywood reservoir. 
They had just installed remote telemetry all over the water system 
and there were terminals at each reservoir.
We would watch the whole Los Angeles water system pressure go to 
absolute ZERO for about twenty seconds every commercial break during 
Academy awards and the Superbowl games.
"The reel order went 1,3,2,3,4, or similar. He actually showed one 
reel twice."

KHJ-tv, Hollywood 1962. Independent station. They would push the 
"Million Dollar Movie" the whole week.
When it hit the air about 7:30 pm with a minimum crew, we would be 
into the feature about 5 or 6 minutes looking for the film cues which 
were not there, and then would find out that we were in the second 
The projectionist would cuss because he would have to take down reel 
three to put up reel one, and be defensive at the same time.
We had a really weird mechanical adding machine in the air control 
room which would backtime. Meanwhile, NOBODY is calling in, even the 

Last one. 
We had an operator named Red that would cackle over the intercom when 
we showed "The Little Rascals", as he would watch scenes on air that 
he had seen filmed right outside the building on Gower street when he 
was a kid.

Bill Buck is probably the only one still alive that would remember 
this stuff. Bill please say hello.
Pete Barth, petebart at pacificnet.net on 03/04/2003

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