[Tig] Re: TK101: Marx brothers - OT help needed

Robert Lovejoy rlovejoy
Wed Mar 5 03:18:29 GMT 2003

RE: TK101: Marx brothersI know this is off topic but this has been bugging me for years.  Being a "senior" colorist, I've inhabited this planet long enough to wonder if some of my memories from times past are true or not.

I have a memory of an extended ending for the stateroom scene in "A Night At The Opera".  All modern prints of this film fade to black after Margaret Dumont opens the door and the bodies start to pile out, but somehow I remember the scene continuing a bit, lingering on the characters as they pile out the door, then, still asleep (!), Harpo slides down over the top of the pile coming to rest at Margaret's feet.  

I'd be grateful to know if this memory is a leftover hallucination from the sixties, or if anyone else actually remembers it, even if the film was shown in the wrong order!

Thanks for any help,
Bob Lovejoy

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