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Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Wed Mar 5 23:01:12 GMT 2003

>On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 13:09, Greg Dildine wrote:
>> I do enjoy the "tales" but we need more info sharing
>Jeez Greg...show some respect for your elders :) 
>I'm just glad for once that I don't have a personal, horrid, job gone
>wrong story to contribute.
>Bob Festa			bfesta at ascentmedia.com
>Director of Commercial Imaging
>R!OT Santa Monica		310 434 6000

I know Bob, that wasn't the post to make friends.  Sorry, stirring the pot too much...  I do indeed have lots of respect for my elders.  I have learned much from those who got the color-thing all started!  And, I too have nostalgic musings from the past 13+ yrs and beyond, including learning video editing back in junior-high-school with B&W open-reel 1/2" tape and a stop watch (not quite old enough for the quad days)...

Not the right approach I know... There is actually plenty of bandwidth on this forum!  

I'm just hoping that more folks would answer and respond to more of the questions that are put forth to our group...  I got nothing regarding my HD Superbowl queries -- besides the fact that Tapazio listened to the game on his old Grundig...  No one chatted about the color-fx in "Dangerous Mind" that Bob Blanks posted (I still haven't had a chance to see it)... nor did anyone publicly really respond to Leffel's,  "What kind, responsible, hard-working, empathetic colorist would like to share their visions on what's going on in our land? I always appreciate the engineering side of things, but can't the colorist/lurkers come out to play?"

Again sorry, please keep the stories AND the answers coming...

Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston
greg.dildine at finishedit.com

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