[Tig] sorry ( a diatribe on the use of the TIG by CL )

Craig Leffel craig
Thu Mar 6 01:41:40 GMT 2003

Greg Dildine wrote:

>>>>>>>>I'm just hoping that more folks would answer and respond to more of
the questions that are put forth to our group...  I got nothing regarding my
HD Superbowl queries -- besides the fact that Tapazio listened to the game
on his old Grundig...  No one chatted about the color-fx in "Dangerous Mind"
that Bob Blanks posted (I still haven't had a chance to see it)... nor did
anyone publicly really respond to Leffel's,  "What kind, responsible,

BLAH BLAH BLAH  ( my own quote deleted )

Well Greg, now you've gone and quoted me....

Greg I share your desire for shared information, but I just don't think it's
going to happen these days. When Rob first started the TIG it was a great
place to sound off, mouth off, and bitch about suppliers. We argued with
each other openly, attacked manufacturer's sales guys straight on ( someone
selling DV stuff comes to mind ), and blasted our tool sets. What a great
time! it's my personal favorite way to spend time - arguing that is. I like
it, and I have fun with it. We seem to be in the minority Greg. These days,
there are 9 zillion manufacturers listening, and more than once I have
received phone calls or emails from some of them protesting that I
complained too harshly, openly, or too subjectively/ ( see anger;
namecalling; and passionate tired opinions )  to a list of 1000 people or
whatever it is now.....

There was a time when they would have responded right here, head on. Stood
in the spotlight and owned up to their own piles of crap. Just like we have
to everyday as people sit over our shoulders and watch what we do. We live
and die by our actions and our talents, and many times there's no going
back. Sometimes you shrug and hope for a better session tomorrow.
Manufacturers don't have to do that. They can sing to you, dance, coat it in
Cap'n Crunch and molasses, fire up the smoke, the mirrors, bring on the
dancing girls, smile and lie straight through their teeth while giving you a
backrub ( ? )..... and guess what? No one does anything when it all goes
horribly wrong, or doesn't work as promised. Sure, one by one we all argue
about price, refuse to pay part of the money until it works, cut deals,
haggle, whatever, you name it. BUT we don't do it collectively. For those
few of us that still work for independent house, the TIG is a very powerful
tool. When we use it that way. However, so many of us these days are no
longer independent that it doesn't really matter anymore. On top of it, many
colorists tell me they are not allowed to comment. That, in particular,
boggles me. It seems like the number grows each year. What people think they
are hiding is beyond me. There's 2 kinds of telecines and a few scanners,
and 2 main color correctors on the market. I know there are custom set-ups
and the like, but really it seems to me that the "Prism" was the last custom
mod that was worth anything. Everything else can be purchased. None of us
really talk about specific jobs for specific clients, so what does anyone
think they are hiding? Honestly, it's a joke. The colorists that get on here
and still share their advice, experience, stories, thoughts and beliefs
should be thanked, lauded, and extolled for having a spine and the sheer
desire to give a shit what goes on in our little world. As for the
engineering folks, I always learn, our engineers always learn, and a lot of
off-line conversations happen with the TIG as the front door.

As for your HD Superbowl questions / suggestions, I'll give you my own
personal opinion.

I don't really care.

I think that's the reason many people have not responded, because they don't
either. I am neither shocked nor dissappointed that many spots for the
Superbowl ( all? ) were up-rezed. There is not a consumer out there who
cares either. Come on, they can't really tell the difference and we all know
it. Sure, the people in this business can, and some prosumers can.... but my
Mom, her friends, the folks at ANY sports bar, the folks down at the 20
story office building full of cubicles??????  These are all the same people
that bought rear screen projection TV sets ( That looked like absolute
crap ) and stood proudly next them at their parties and proclaimed that they
were the first on their block to spend $2500 on a 52"  set. Most of them ran
out and bought first generation 16:9 Plasma sets. It has never really
mattered what it looks like, as long as it's colorful, makes "drama",  plays
back movies, and has a million menus that all look like they're doing
something. TV sets are the poor man's luxury car.

 For all the consumer B.S. that goes on with that subject, I have to say
that I think HD is an interim format. It's a step to what lies ahead, and it
always has been. We invested in a lot of HD gear hear at Optimus. We did so,
not purely for the benefit of HD. HD workflows for the most part gave us
higher resolution workflows and the ability to work in Data in many of our
boxes. Multi- purposing media was what we really after. The ability to start
with a high-res copy, ad go downhill from there. Just like a few years ago.
How long was it that networks were broadcasting in 1" and we were all
working in D1???  No one saw it ( consumers ), no one really knew it
existed, and no one cared. We all worked that way to stay at the high end of
the curve ( ok, maybe because WE cared ) and let what ever happens
downstream..... happen. The only problem now is,  some of us have to work at
the top of the curve, and the "downstream" part as well. So many of us,
especially in the commercial world make HD .... all the way down to mpeg2
posted to the web ( ok Quicktime ) you name it. I think a compnay called
"Anystream" is one of the most exciting things to hit the planet these days,
and all they do is deal with turning one pile of crap into another pile of
crap....really, really easily. HD is not a savior. It's not even an answer.
My favorite use for it is as a way to make a release print for a film maker
that doesn't have the money for the old school film based process. I'm not
kidding either. A little flipant maybe, because I do work in HD all the time
that I am proud of and I charge higher rates to do so... just like anyone
else. BUT do I think it's some kind of great chalice? absolutely not. The
market will be flooded by old HD gear for sale when Data based CC is a
reality. That time is far sooner than anyone is predicting on this list, and
what format gets displayed on TV will be just as moot as it was 10 years

See what happens when you ask too many times for a response?  ;>)

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