[Tig] What do colorists prefer? (was: Telecine 101)

Rob Lingelbach caltech
Thu Mar 6 01:45:41 GMT 2003

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 06:46:57PM -0600, C.J. Scheppers wrote:
> What do colorists prefer?

Hi C.J., just wanted to mention that as a rule we try not to have
multiple-question surveys on the TIG mailinglist.  It's not that
we don't want discussion of the subjects raised, it's that there
isn't enough time or resources for us to address multiple
questions in the mailinglist archetype.

If a multiple-question survey is desired there are two ways we
can accomodate.. the first is that the questions be put the way
you have, but (this is the important part) responses are directed
to you privately, and in the initial post you mention that if there
is enough interest you will post the results back to the list.

A web-based survey however is something we can could do if that
is acceptable, where your inital post will direct responders to a
page of results.  This is what the TWiki TIG pages are all about,
and the place for that is

tig coadmin
Rob Lingelbach    unix system administrator    caltech at calarts.edu

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