[Tig] (tales)

Marc Wielage mfw
Thu Mar 6 09:08:56 GMT 2003

On 3/5/03 2:21 PM, "Bill Topazio" <btopazio at company3.com> wrote:

> If I felt like telling someone about the time I got the exit
> guides just a weeee bit too close to the drum, or the time I pulled the XYZ
> board with the EHT still on (hey, the light bulb was burned out in the
> indicator!) I sure wouldn't do it on the TIG

Hey!  How 'bout those runaway mag stories?

I'm the only guy I know who's brave enough to grab a Magnetech when it goes
off into high-speed rewind with a 2000' reel of mag, and safely bring it to
a stop without killing myself or ripping the film, all with my bare hands.

I think the last time I did this at Complete, engineer Derrick Billin was in
the machine room, and he complimented me by saying this was the only time in
my life that I ever impressed him.  :-)

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  Hollywood, USA

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