[Tig] Harsh Reality

Pete Jannotta petej
Thu Mar 6 15:43:03 GMT 2003

Yo Color Bretheren And Sisteren,

Although I could never come up with as many stinging comments as Craig
Leffel did in an earlier post, I do have a question about our clients
ability to see what we all chat about every day.

Have any of you ever been working on a job using a 3/4" roughcut as a
reference? Do your clients ever get confused as to whether or not they're
looking at the roughcut or the pristine image from the telecine when you
happen to leave the roughcut image on the monitor while you're checking an
EDL or answering the phone. It's happened to me more times than I care to

If our clients sometimes get confused between those two quality levels, can
we expect consumers to appreciate high def?  Most, certainly not all,
consumers appreciate big screens and 16x9 displays more than differences in
image quality. If you were to show standard def video on a big 16x9 display
and high def video on a 4x3 display, my guess is that consumers would think
the 16x9 display has high def images on it. 16x9 looks like the "movies",

I love high def coming out of the telecine with 35mm negative as source.
It's gorgeous.
I know the difference. We all know the difference. Unfortunately, by the
time it gets home it just doesn't seem to matter to most viewers.
Ah.....but that REALLY BIG TV........ now that's something I can impress my
friends with... and because it's so heavy, it's hard to steal!  That's the
harsh reality.

Enjoy Life,
Pete Jannotta/Filmworkers/Chicago

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