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S. T. Nottingham III nottinghams
Thu Mar 6 16:12:40 GMT 2003

Boy, does that bring back memories. I didn't know film could rewind that
fast! It is even scarier, however, when the film is negative, and the device
is an old Mark III. Rule number one for anyone I ever trained was to remove
all tape from the ends of reels. To those of you that are "too busy to
thread with out using tape on the core", just visualize how fast a reel of
film can travel on a out of control servo driven device.

Tom Nottingham

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Lynette Duensing supports the tig.

On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 01:08:56AM -0800, Marc Wielage wrote:
> I'm the only guy I know who's brave enough to grab a Magnetech when it
> off into high-speed rewind with a 2000' reel of mag, and safely bring it
> a stop without killing myself or ripping the film, all with my bare hands.

eh you call that brave eh?

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