[Tig] Suite Matrix style

Martin Parsons martin-p
Fri Mar 7 14:51:45 GMT 2003

Richard Torpey wrote:

> Just the idea of trying to get a half dozen "personal monitors" to match
> well enough for use in the same telecine suite sends shivers down my
> spine ;-)

Joking aside, this technology from AccuScene is interesting - interesting
enough for Panavision to fit them to HD cameras they hire out (or so I am
reliably informed).

The technology they use has a wider colour gamut than BOTH conventional CRT
monitors AND film. Hence you can represent ALL colours in both physical

It's a technology worth keeping an eye on. For example - if I have an image
and want to send this to someone across the world to view with absolute
colour accuracy, I could employ the AccuScene eyepiece viewer to be 100%
sure that the colour fidelity is the same there as where I sent it from. If
the eyepiece is connected to a laptop this can be achieved on set, on
location etc.

DISCLAIMER: I've seen this technology but derive no monetary gain from it.



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