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Graham Collett grahamcollett
Fri Mar 7 16:55:32 GMT 2003

Ha !   try it and see what you get .... nothing but grief..... one only  and
make sure its right every day... and dont trust that Sony probe if you have
I'm not being nasty, i've just gone round that type of thing lots of times.
good luck

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> new address tig at colorist.org coming soon.
> I just read this and it gave me a crazy idea with a telecine suite
> with no big monitors at all, just personal ones for every one
> in the suite.....
> Disclaimer: I have no personal or business conections with that
> company but, I will take comission if they want to pay me....
> Alex Pimentel
> Casablanca
> Sao Paulo - Brazil
> AccuScene will be showing its new, 2 inch, progressive, 1280 x 720 (in
> 16:9), 24 bit color, portable Personal Monitor for HD cameras at NAB.
> We believe this offers a solution to many of the separate problems
> discussed on the HD list:-
> 1)      Colorimetry; the monitor is illuminated by LED's, offering a
> much longer and more stable life than CRT's and lamps, plus a wider
> color gamut that encompasses the full range of colors available from
> film stock. The gamut can be adjusted to taste by the user (we offer
> full control over Gamma curves and 3D arbitrary input to output color
> space transforms by using a pc based GUI and then downloading to the
> monitor via a serial cable). Simpler controls, via pull down menus on
> the unit itself, are available for on-set changes.
> 2)      Portability - the hand held display/optics section weighs only
> 1.7lbs. This is on the end of a cable that can be as long as 4 metres
> from the control/interface box.
> 3)      Clarity - the resolution of the display is about the same as a
> 20 inch broadcast monitor, with no smearing, virtually no image
> artefacts and less than 2 frames of image processing latency. We have
> proved to our own satisfaction that the image is suitable for accurately
> judging focus.
> 4)      Daylight viewing - since the monitor is brought to the eye and
> has a rubber eyecup there is no issue with external incident light
> affecting the perceived color, brightness or contrast.
> 5)      Progressive display - the unit will accept all common input
> field/frame speeds in interlaced, segmented frame or progressive modes -
> 23.98; 24; 25; 29.97; 30; 50; 59.94 and 60 psf. The first action of the
> interface unit, if necessary, is to de-interlace or de-segment the
> fields. Thereafter it displays progressively
> We are confident this display technology will be a significant step
> forward for HD camera users.
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