[Tig] Why not use a d-cinema projector in the suite?

NextGen Assoc Stan Chayka schayka
Fri Mar 7 17:44:41 GMT 2003

I can conclude from the posting of Alex Pimentel, that he has client
problems with one master monitor.

With all the possible viewing technologies for sale at the consumer level,
the concept of creating an ideal technical viewing environment for the
client, is no longer a consideration.

With every attempt to recreate the home viewing experience, our goal is to
provide some sense of confidence that what you see today in the suite is
what you will see at home.

With all the possible combinations of client viewing demands,  why not use a
projection system to provide the Ultimate Experience for all the eyes that
need to see.

A professional grade monitoring system is still the last word and I am not
proposing that it be eliminated, but why restrict the WOW factor when
clients are involved.

Can anybody comment on the quality of or problems with such a setup?

Are there drift issues with the available technologies?

Many years ago, a facility in Chicago tried to force this arrangement by
creating a two level suite where the colorist sat at the lower level and was
facing the clients who were located in a upper mezzanine level.

Two professional grade monitors were utilized. One for the colorist, and
another suspended from the ceiling, for the clients.

In Detroit, another suite had the client sofa forward of the colorist' desk
and the client viewed a video projection screen image.  In my opinion, the
projector was not up to the task and this configuration migrated to a more
traditional client seating arrangement. But the idea to take the technology
out of the process was, I think an excellent one.

Can anybody comment on the pro and con's of these concepts?

Are there any facilities currently structured this way now?

If you prefer to send your comments privately, that would be fine too.

Stan Chayka
President, NextGen Associates Inc
schayka at nextgen-assoc.com

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