[Tig] Why not use a d-cinema projector in the suite?

digital.praxis at virgin.net digital.praxis
Fri Mar 7 20:04:33 GMT 2003

At Cinecitta that is exactly the setup we use.
We have an iQ grading suite driving a Barco CineStar digital projector
using P7v2 colour and the iQ output LUTs to very closely match the final
film print colourimetery. I hae also been working with Matt Cowen on TI's
new 2K digital micro-mirror chip that provides 2K RGB 4:4:4 monitoring
direct from the iQ (via a modified form of HSDL)

My experience is that our film clients love this approach - projecting on
to a 28ft screen with the control surface in the same room. We dont even
have a video monitor in the same room, just the projector, although our
second iQ suite used a Sony HD Multiformat monitor and no projector.

The best grading environment for our film clients has been the projection

Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis Ltd.

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