FW: [Tig] D-Cinema Suite contd.

John Frey jwfrey
Sat Mar 8 21:23:38 GMT 2003

Stan Chayka wrote:

> The point to consider is that when the white bar is exposed, the light level
> behind the pluge area is actually higher making the point of extinction that
> much harder to set.
> Kind of like having a bias light inside the crt.
> This results in a monitor calibration that compensates for this effect under
> the conditions of color bars but not necessarily typical picture content.
> This effect may not be present in a projection system and would cause the
> colorist to determine the blacks with a different viewpoint.


> I would like to think that if the pluge is used to set the extinction point,
> it be done without the contamination of the color bars, and, then see if the
> blacks match better with projection systems.

Interestingly, I have a couple of PAL generators which have a pluge set amidst a largely black field.  Perhaps the Europeans noticed some of these problems and configured their test signals accordingly - at least to eliminate the contamination of the bars,
or whatever.

What should we do?  Put a pluge in a grey field?  or perhaps in a screen full of some kind of random pattern?   or take an average of settings made under two or three conditions?  Another suggestion might be a very tall pluge set over a vertical wash from
top to bottom of the screen.  It wouldn't eliminate the contamination problems, but would allow the user to judge an average of varying picture level conditions...


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