FW: [Tig] D-Cinema Suite contd.

Graham Collett grahamcollett
Sun Mar 9 08:17:04 GMT 2003

> Interestingly, I have a couple of PAL generators which have a pluge set
amidst a largely black field.  Perhaps the Europeans noticed some of these
problems and configured their test signals accordingly - at least to
eliminate the contamination of the bars,
> or whatever.

In fact as a european i would say i never use SMPTE bars. In fact, how can
you use such a small area of pluge ? I would always use a dedicated pluge
generator as described above. The contamination from white things is from
within the monitor ...flare if you like. Sony's got quite bad when they went
to their evergreen and 16:9 multiformat versions. The old 2011's (euro
numbers) were much better.

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