[Tig] US Rep for Northlight Scanners?

Craig Risebury-Filmlight craig
Sun Mar 9 18:00:19 GMT 2003

Hi Marc

The Northlight film scanner is manufactured by FilmLight an independent
UK based company formed last year by the technical design team from
Framestore CFC.  ITK were going to manufacture and support the
Northlight, but due to the demise of ITK FilmLight formed a
manufacturing and service division allowing us to design, manufacture
and support the Northlight and other Digital Intermediate products.  

You can find all the technical information for the Northlight at

We will be exhibiting at NAB and I will be posting the details on the
Tig NAB focus sheet shortly.

I have been working closely with the technical guys at Cinesite,
especially Jeff Christopherson, he has all the technical information on
the scanner you would need.

So without stepping over the no advertising line on the Tig I will send
you additional press release information and please feel free to contact
me, my contact information is below.

Thanks Marc.


Craig Risebury
FilmLight North America
Valencia, CA

Tel: 661 645 0471
Email craig at filmlight.ltd.uk

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Kevin Ayres supports the TIG.

A friend of mine just asked me for info on the Northlight scanners, and
did a quick web search but couldn't find anything for the company at all
(save for the CFC effects house in London, which does not mention that
scanner is for sale).

Does anybody know who the U.S. rep for Northlight 35mm motion picture
scanners is?  A name, address, phone number, and (preferably) webpage
address would be helpful.  A place for brochures and tech specs would be
good, too.

Didn't find anything on Rank-Cintel's UK webpage, even though the info
imply they're supporting the ITK stuff.

--Marc Wielage/Cinesite Digital Imaging
  Hollywood, USA

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