[Tig] colorist.org active quite soon.

Rob Lingelbach caltech
Wed Mar 12 09:16:47 GMT 2003

i'm almost finished moving the TIG from tig.alegria.com and
www.alegria.com to tig.colorist.org, and it looks like most of
the internet has the new nameservice information, though it could
be spotty for a couple of days.  this will manifest as either a
'site not found' or a page of strange uncontrolled information
from the old tig.colorist.org.  Additionally the new holder of
alegria.com, a gentleman in the Canary Islands, is going to do us
the favor of redirecting tig.alegria.com to tig.colorist.org,
which means the search engine data built up over 10 years will
not instantly be useless.

I'll have to shut down the TIG for an hour or two tomorrow or
Thursday while the archives are moved and the new database comes
up.  The new address will be http://tig.colorist.org, but don't
do anything there yet because it will be wiped out by the
impending db upload.

I can offer as a thank you to subscribers who've made a
contribution to the TIG the use of an address such as
yourname at colorist.org.

I'm indebted to Rich Torpey and Dave Tosh.

Rob Lingelbach   
rob at calarts.edu
caltech at calarts.edu 

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