[Tig] new tig domain

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Mar 13 04:42:09 GMT 2003

On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 08:18:40PM -0800, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> George Cvjetnicanin supports the TIG.
> testing the new tig domain, please ignore thank you.

no more ignoring necessary, the tig's new home is ready.

the web URL is http://tig.colorist.org 
and the address for postings is
tig at tig.colorist.org

this was something i hadn't done before, moving an existing large
mailinglist with archives to a different host (about 2 meters
physically from the old one alegria.com) and there were a lot of
things to synchronize, updates to apply, at the OS level through
the mail transport agent and the web interface.. it's likely
there are some things I missed, so please let me know if
something doesn't work correctly.

The TIG-TWiki webpages will be coming up shortly also at
tig.colorist.org or colorist.org.

Rob Lingelbach   
rob at calarts.edu
caltech at calarts.edu 
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