[Tig] News of one of our own ex-colorists

Michael_Orton mike
Mon Mar 17 02:05:41 GMT 2003

Hello everybody,
For those who were wondering whatever happened to native Belgian, and 
recent Los Angeles colorist, Tarcis Verfaille, here is some news. 
We've just returned from the grand opening of "Chocolatt... from 
Belgium", a new business venture for Tarcis and his wife Grace.
I hope Rob will forgive me for a little advertising here, but I have 
to report that at 4 pm Sunday, on the day of the grand opening, the 
crowd was so big that it was difficult to get into the store!
As Tarcis himself remarked, if you're a guy from Belgium, chocolate 
is something  that just comes naturally.
A loss for the world of coloring, but a gain for chocaholics who 
visit or work in the Westwood/West LA area!

For those who want to visit Tarcis and Grace and check out their 
awesome authentic Belgian chocolate store, the address is
Chocolatt... from Belgium
12008 Wilshire Blvd #101 (just west of Bundy)
West LA
CA 90025
(888) 808-8548

Insert standard disclaimer: I have no connection etc, financial or 
otherwise, with Tarcis. But I admire his career switch.. Good luck 
with the new venture!

Kind regards to all,

Mike Orton
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