[Tig] News of one of our own ex-colorists

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Mar 18 01:50:14 GMT 2003

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 06:05:41PM -0800, Michael_Orton wrote:
> Terry Goins supports the TIG.
> Hello everybody,
> For those who were wondering whatever happened to native Belgian, and 
> recent Los Angeles colorist, Tarcis Verfaille, here is some news. 
> We've just returned from the grand opening of "Chocolatt... from 
> Belgium", a new business venture for Tarcis and his wife Grace.

I wonder if Tarcis will be attending the upcoming Nutrition
According to Belgium convention.  

I will try to visit Tarcis and Grace in the next few days if i
can get over to Westwood from Burbank in fewer than the two 
hours of LA traffic for those 15 miles.  I wish them mazeltov and
heksen zich for their venture.

Just as we've canvassed our membership for careers prior to
telecine (musicians well-represented), it would be interesting to
find out how telecine people have moved on to other pursuits and
how these new endeavours can connect back into the telecine
world.  For example, if I were Tarcis I'd make sure to let the
facilities with whom I had been connected know that their clients
might appreciate some fine Belgian Chocolatt with their usual
appropriate aperitifs.

Incidentally, as I've just finished reading Barbara Tuchman's
_Guns of August_, which is about the events leading to World War
I -- and has tremendous echoes across history to the current
world crisis -- I gain great admiration for the King of Belgium
at the time, King Albert, an almost transcendental figure in his
understanding of the situation in 1914.  I've now turned to
Thomas Mann's _The Magic Mountain_ to understand Europe in that
era further.

Rob Lingelbach   
rob at calarts.edu
rob at colorist.org

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