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Craig Nichols cnichols
Tue Mar 18 05:16:11 GMT 2003

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 Rob Lingelbach wrote:

>The article also describes that 12fps is identical to the brain's
>alpha-wave frequency.

Maybe this explains why we see kids zoned out, open-mouthed, unaffected by
external stimulus glued to the Cartoon Channel (or similar animation venue).
Conspiracy buffs could have a field day with this.  I can see it
now...conspiracy theorists claiming evil advertisers are plotting to program
kids to buy the latest toy fad, or sugar coated cereal by employing 12fps
animation.  It sounds like a potential movie of the week, or perhaps the
next episode of Dexter or Jimmy Neutron.  ;-)

FYI: If you search with "The Sky Is Falling, The Science Is Fine" the
Discover article is in the book review section.

I do not knowingly work for any purveyors of mind altering animation; but
then again, if I did, would I know? ;-) oops!

Craig Nichols
Ascent Media Services

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