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> I don't think the advertisers would want to make
> kids sick, which

I don't actually think that advertisers would
intentionally want to make kids sick with animation,
but they would like them to buy more cereal.

There are some interesting eye stimulus related
techniques used in psychology:

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
is a technique used for treating Post Traumatic Stress
Disorders. Therapist directed lateral eye movements
are the most commonly used external stimulus. The use
of this stimuli while talking about the trauma is
reported to cut recovery time significantly. 

There is an interesting test used for ADHD that is
called a TOVA. It flashes a black target periodically
on various parts of a white computer screen.  The
subject has to identify the last target location as
the location changes over a 20 minute period.  I do
not remember the frame rate. The results are compared
to a bell curve, and results falling on the bell curve
lobes can indicate ADHD, or other attention problems.

I am glad that other countries are taking possible
adverse effects of animation seriously. I do believe
that the effects of visual stimulation and its
psychological effects warrant further study. I would
also be interested in the PDF file mentioned.

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