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Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Mar 20 02:20:08 GMT 2003

I built configured and installed today a very nice statistics
gathering engine at tig.alegria.com called webalizer (open
source) and the results will be updated every night LA local
time.  it's at http://tig.colorist.org/webalizerlogs

here are the top 20 of 308 total web search strings bringing
people into the tig space:

espn hdtv 
inventor of tv 
spirited away red tint 
espn hd 
postmaster at mail.hotmail.com 
spirit lamps 
the inventor of tv 
appollo 13
define 2k
inventor of the tv 
stephen nakamura 
the inventor of the tv 
used telecine 
sony uvw1400 
viper images 
5d collosus 
abc in hdtv

--end of list--

of course i'm loading the deck right now by reinserting these
terms back into the archives which will make things interesting
recursively..  I think Bob Kertesz will enjoy the #1 entry
above.. and if you track the attempts to find the "inventor of
tv" by different syntax it's pretty funny.

Rob Lingelbach   
rob at calarts.edu
rob at colorist.org

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