[Tig] manual framing

Marc Wielage mfw
Fri Mar 21 08:05:50 GMT 2003

Jean-Clement Soret <jean-c at moving-picture.com> asked on the TIG List:

> How do you ensure exact repeatability of your transfers with manual (or
> inch) vertical framing?

I've found that the Spirit sometimes suffers from lack of repeatability in
terms of vertical framing.  At least under DaVinci 2K control, sometimes the
framing will appear to be correct, but when you re-zero the vertical framing
button, you get a slightly different position.  And I have seen vertical
framing position change very subtly between reels or even within the same
reel, but this seems to depend on the age and adjustment of the particular

About the only way to really know for sure is to throw up a SMPTE loop and
make sure the vertical position is exactly where you want it to be before
laying down a reel.  I still try to do that at the beginning of every shift,
just to make sure there aren't any anomalies going on.  (And watch out for
Philips software upgrades, which can tend to change focus and/or sizing.)

At worst, you could splice in a foot or two of a sizing chart onto the head
of every roll.  That way, you'd know exactly where you were, North-South.
The DaVinci 2K displays this as a Hex value, but alas, it's not available in
any percentage numbers that I know of.  I gots no idea how it's displayed in
Pogle-land, having only used Pogle Platinum for data correction.

--Marc Wielage/Cinesite Digital Imaging
  Hollywood, USA

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