[Tig] manual framing

Martin Parsons martin-p
Fri Mar 21 15:33:09 GMT 2003

Rob wrote:

> the explanation of this I've been given by Thomson is that it is
> due to a slight slop in fit of the entrance sprocket tooth to
> the perf, that it is designed-in, and that if the fit were
> tighter there would be danger of deforming or tearing the film.

You can see this effect clearly on 2K scans. If the Datacine has transported
the film backwards, the sprocket tooth will have worked its way to the
"back" of the perf. If the film is now run forwards, the tooth gradually
shifts forwards, towards the "front" of the perf because of the "slight
slop" mentioned above.
This will affect the vertical framing of the 2K scans during this positional
transition of the sprocket tooth within the perf. I assume it will affect
any image, SD, HD etc. - I mention 2K scans as that's where I've personally
seen it).

So if one is scanning 2K data on the Datacine from an EDL, within the
Phantom Transfer Engine, make sure to set a decent length of pre-roll so
that the sprocket tooth has taken up its correct position within the perf
before the first frame of each edit is reached and data transfer begins.



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