[Tig] web notes (tig.alegria.com)

Rob Lingelbach rob
Sat Mar 22 21:26:56 GMT 2003

because the various web search engines have built up indices over
the years pointing to tig.alegria.com, it was important to devise
a RewriteRule in apache that would apply in all cases to redirect
into tig.colorist.org space, which I was able to do today by
nesting a few directives.  It's not easy with several virtual
hosts on the one machine and no control over the alegria.com DNS.
So web searches or direct URLs into http://tig.alegria.com will
now succeed transparently into the proper place in
http://tig.colorist.org.  It might be good also to have a
5-second timeout redirect notification that will at least advise
the more aware researcher that tig.alegria.com is deprecated.

bis peccare in bello non licet
Rob Lingelbach   
rob at colorist.org

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