[Tig] manual framing

Jean-Clement Soret jean-c
Mon Mar 24 15:56:19 GMT 2003

end up with a new forground for a comp, I usually try and retransfer all the
scenes in question, to make sure they all end up with as closely the same
position as possible. I don't manually frame much of anything... I will use
Cam Ap  and Tilt but not the manual framing keys.

 Thanks Craig, I do this as well but I am looking for a way to avoid
retransfer of all layers. Manual framing keys are a "do not touch" keys here
at MPC but with around 10 different people in the tk team it's difficult to
make sure someone has not pushed one of these. Gates changes in Spirit and
standard changes in DSX usually messes up the framing and there is no way to
make sure you are back to the same framing. I have asked  a few time to
Cintel and Thomson to remove manual framing from their machines or to have a
bypass mode as least but there is laways something else on their priority
list. Am I the only one to make a fuss about this or not? If enough of you
are of the same opinion please email me we can get things moving. Thanks.

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