[Tig] manual framing

Jean-Clement Soret jean-c
Mon Mar 24 16:02:50 GMT 2003

At worst, you could splice in a foot or two of a sizing chart onto the head
of every roll.  That way, you'd know exactly where you were, North-South.
The DaVinci 2K displays this as a Hex value, but alas, it's not available in
any percentage numbers that I know of.  I gots no idea how it's displayed in
Pogle-land, having only used Pogle Platinum for data correction.

Hi, that would be a bit time consuming for my taste. I can deal with
differences due to machines, stock etc but what I can't accept is not to
have the possibility to store the value in your grading list. At least
Davinci gives you a value, Pogle and data Xfer engines gives you nothing.

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