[Tig] manual framing

Leffels acleffel
Mon Mar 24 16:55:28 GMT 2003

JC Wrote;

>>>. Manual framing keys are a "do not touch" keys here
> at MPC but with around 10 different people in the tk team it's difficult
> make sure someone has not pushed one of these.

Hmmm.  I only work with 3 other people who touch the machine.... have you
tried screaming and stomping around like a small child? Occassionally, it
seems to work. They tend to get the idea you're upset and they've cost you

>>Gates changes in Spirit and
> standard changes in DSX usually messes up the framing and there is no way
> make sure you are back to the same framing. I have asked  a few time to
> Cintel and Thomson to remove manual framing from their machines or to have
> bypass mode as least but there is laways something else on their priority
> list. Am I the only one to make a fuss about this or not? If enough of you
> are of the same opinion please email me we can get things moving. Thanks.

I would say see the suggestion above. Even if it is OUR priority, I don't
feel like paying Davinci $30K ( Their current magic number ) or Thompson
$25 - 100K ( their current magic prices )  to fix a problem that shouldn't
be there in the first place. As in, "Design Flaw". Doggone it, I forgot,
some folks around here like to call those "features".

Who would have thunk that Spirits with Davinci's on them would be so
popular? Why I even heard it never occured to Phillips OR Davinci that soo
many facilities would have this combo. What an absolute total surprise! It's
so ridiculous to imagine... but here we are.

Have fun JC, I'm here in "spirit" to support you, but I've been down this
path a number of times and I should point out that unless you are part of a
mega - conglomerate there's a brick wall waiting for you at the end. It
talks too. It just doesn't listen very well.

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