[Tig] Who really owns the Spirit?

John Frey jwfrey
Tue Mar 25 00:40:33 GMT 2003

Who really controls the Spirit, anyway?  How involved is the corporate hierarchy?  How much is German, how much French?  What happens if as a result of this conflict, the French, in their high hauteur, decide to cut off support?  Or heaven forbid, what if
WMD with French fingerprints are used against us, and the U.S.sanctions them, or worse?  Since some can't fix the boards for themselves (I have been `properly chastized' for speaking on that...), how big is the stockpile? How long will it last?  Can they
be fixed on this side of the pond?  What about the other parts?  Is Kodak still making the CCD blocks?  (Have they fixed the premature failure problems?)  Does anyone even have a complete set of schematics?  How long can they realistically run without
factory support?

Has anyone thought about any of this?  Is anyone at all concerned?  If you had to advise your corporate types what to buy, would any of this influence your thinking?

It makes an American product, such as the Cineglyph, even more attractive.  Or a C-Reality.  The Brits, after all, are steadfastly on our side.


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