[Tig] spam control 'services'

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Mar 25 02:08:47 GMT 2003

some tig subscribers are using a spam control product/service
that requires the senders of messages to authenticate themselves
via http.  This may work for some individual mail, but won't work
for TIG mail, unless you think 1200 x 1200 is an appropriate
number of http requests to generate, not even considering
multiple spam control services.

If there is no function in the spam-filtration service/product
that allows mail from a particular address (*.colorist.org) not
to be filtered, then I'd complain to the provider.

My own philosophy on this is that though they may look
attractive, services or products that you have to pay for to stop
something annoying are forms of extortion.  I receive spam from
providers of spam control products, which is kind of like the
police breaking into your house and offering you protection from

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