[Tig] manual framing

Stuart Fyvie stuartf
Tue Mar 25 09:45:24 GMT 2003

 Regards to framing, I think that Thompson can default the framing number
in firmware so that it sits on the same number after a gate change, so 
as long as the sprocket
sits on the red dot it should be in the 'right' place. Obviously compliance
of the sprocket in the holes is a factor in making it totaly accurate.
It is impossible to run a machine with multiple operators not to expect
a gate change or re-set for cleaning etc. On major projects we always 
run a camera chart
(usually done by the film unit) before the start of each session so that 
the framing lines up.

 It boils down I suppose to speed of a capstan drive with variance 
against a slow but repeatable
transfer on a pin reg. scanner.

Stuart Fyvie, Cinesite Europe.

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