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Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Mar 26 01:09:11 GMT 2003

On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 12:35:52PM -0500, larry wrote:

> While its true I locked the "chamber" as Rob put it, the event
> was solidified with the help of a security camera I placed in an
> air conditioning duct.  

in front of which I placed a small monitor showing a still image
of a quiet empty area.

no really [: was the camera in a duct above the door across the
hall from the client room?  wow, the things you find out in
reviewing history.

> The problem here was not a simple as some
> individual "using" the equipment, things were grossly misadjusted
> and things were missing. Today after 30 years in the video
> business I have no regrets about what I did, I only wish it was
> not necessary to have done it.

I mentioned in the original message I came to understand it later
when I was responsible to clients myself..  And I remember about
the problems with things missing, and the misadjusted FR35/TK28
(and the very early Rank that was there).  What primed my memory
recently was a dinner here with Dom Rom who worked with Jack
Baierlein at one point in that area.. I worked with David Geisler
for one week in roughly.. 1981 or so as vacation relief, either
you or Jack were on vacation.. David did the setup and let me do
the color correction, which was great experience (david gave me
the opportunity because i had gotten some experience adjusting
monitors in Edit I as his assistant).  I remember one client in
particular, forget her name but she was very nice and produced
the commercials for the Essex House hotel, which we transferred
from 16mm on the FR16.

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