[Tig] manual framing

Craig Nichols craig_nichols
Wed Mar 26 07:37:02 GMT 2003

It is possible to establish a "global unity" framing
setting in the Spirit with the local control panel,
and as long as your frame line is lined up the red dot
as Stuart suggests, your framing will be in the
"right" place after gate changes.

On the older panel it requires a password, but I
understand the newer panel does not (which could
present a problem if other Spirt users you share with
tend to blindly push buttons).  Once the framing unity
is established, it should not change unless someone
changes the definition of global unity on the local

It is my understanding that the local Spirit global
unity settings are the refernce points daVinci uses
for further adjustments. If local panel focus,
framing, and other adjustments are changed and stored
as global unity, then the daVinci basemems will also
be affected for framing, focus, etc.  

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Pin gates were great! CAh-Chunk CAh-Chunk...Especially
if you were billing by the hour, had lots of patience,
and were not easily bored ;-) 


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