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   1. Data Colour Correction (digital.praxis at virgin.net)


Message: 1
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:42:39 -0800
From: "digital.praxis at virgin.net" <digital.praxis at virgin.net>
To: tig-announce at colorist.org
Reply-To: digital.praxis at virgin.net
Subject: [Tig-announce] Data Colour Correction

I have just downloaded the latest beta version of iQ Qcolour
software for iQ.

Full primary correction with unlimited secondary correction and
no impact on rendering speed, unlimited b-spline curved 'power
windows' controlled via tracking, storyboarding including all
setups, multiple frame grab and comparison wipe capability and
loads more - all on a single layer with no vfx style keying,
setup or compositing required. This is going to have a major
impact on colour correction within the 'scan log, edit and colour
correct at the end' environment.

I have been working at MPC Soho, setting up their iQ based DI lab
and have nipped back to Cinecitta for this beta testing and the
result so far are great. At MPC we have already posted our first
full DI feature (having only been set up for a matter of weeks),
all edited (edl conformed) and graded on iQ wuith the existing
Qcolour software - this new stuff will increase the capabilities
even further.

Just thought other colourists would be interested in knowing
this. As you know I strongly feel colour correction should be
performed post editing (at the end of the post production chain)
and this is another step towards making that the norm.

This is not a sales pitch for Quantel - this is posted as a user
who is looking for thre best tools available. I will be very
interested to see Discteet's Gradient (Colossus as was and still
ColourFront) as this is yet another 'software' based approach
looking to replace the traditional telecine hardware based colour
correctors. FilmLight are also looking to show a network based
software colour corrector and I'm sure there are more to come.
What others do people know of that we should assess?

All the best,


Digital Praxis Ltd.

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