[Tig] TIGNABFS03 v1

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri Mar 28 01:11:06 GMT 2003

here is the first version of the TIGNABFS03   (Telecine Internet
Group National Association of Broadcasters Focus Sheet 2003)

Cintel               Booth C2225        contact: Adam Welsh

--Cintel will be launching GRACE, a unique grain reduction system,
developed specifically for its C-Reality and DSX film scanners.

--Cintel will also be unveiling a range of new features for the
Millennium telecine, including new software, lenses and gates 
for 16mm, 35mm and 65/70mm film.

See the Cintel website for the full press release.

Lipsner-Smith Company    Booth C1079    contact: Jonathan Banks
www.lipsner.com 800-323-7520    847-677-3000

--CF-8200 Motion Picture Film Cleaning System, provides safe,
cost-effective cleaning results at up to double the speed of 
traditional film cleaners.   

BHP Inc.                Booth C1079       contact: Jonathan Banks
www.bhpinc.com  800-323-7520    847-677-3000

--Full line of professional motion picture film printing systems.

Calder Equipment Ltd.   Booth C1079      contact: Jonathan Banks
www.lipsner.com 800-323-7520    847-677-3000

--Full range of professional motion picture film processing

RTI-Research Technology International  Booth C1079  contact: Tom Boyle
www.rtico.com   800-323-7520    847-677-3000

--TapeChek Pro Line Videotape Cleaner-Inspector-Rewinders for all 
Professional Formats
--DiscChek Optical Disc Inspector-Rejuvenator for DVDs, CDs,
CD-ROMS, Game Discs

daVinci                Booth C2518      contact: Matthew Straeb
www.davsys.com  +1 954 688 5600

--2K Plus: color enhancement system, upgrade to existing 2K
systems, standard for all new 2K systems.  Many new features.
--Colorist Toolbox: available for all 2K and 2K Plus systems.
4 new secondaries, each with matte defocus controls.  Another
level of inside/outside color enhancement.  New special effects
filters and textures, in realtime.  Motion blur, emboss, 
texturing, fog, most, sketch and watercolor.
--2K Plus DATA (includes server interface option):
new realtime cost-effective color enhancement system, with same 
controls as base 2K product.  
--revival:  standalone restoration application, on Intel or SGI,
with local video I/O and storage.  PpowerHhouse hardware
--revival for discreet: software-based app for restoration
integrated with existing discreet SGI hardware and software. 
--Firstlight, an option for 2K and 2K Plus systems, a telecine
calibration tool enabling a telecine to behave like a scanner
that calibrates with one button.
--revival Color Restoration Software Module
software-based option includes company's primary color controls,
"look" library, automated toolsets.
--2K Soft, a software color enhancement system with daVinci's
primary and secondary color toolsets.
--daVinci Digital Intermediate Solution:
technology demonstrations of a new end-to-end DI solution.
--2K Softflorence Software Color Corrector
DI software toolsets with inside/outside color correction.


no information.


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no information.


waiting for information.

Filmlight             Booth SL2050     contact: Craig Risebury
www.filmlight.ltd.uk  +44 (0)20 7631 4905

--Northlight digital mastering scanner, for 35mm, 65mm IMAX
--Truelight, a uniquely accurate, no-compromose, color management
system for rendering digitized materials correctly onto film.
--Baselight (product preview) new grading and film-finishing 
tools for the digital film lab

QuVIS                 Booth SL2617       contact: unknown
www.quvis.com  +1 800 554 8116 x 106

--QuBit digital disk recorder
--new QuBit ST 2.3 includes HD and graphics formats

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