[Tig] I will not be `forgiven'

Jan & Eileen wb9iph
Fri Mar 28 14:20:34 GMT 2003


You either accept everything, and deal with the pissing contests, or 
Refuse all sides of the subjects!


I'm replying to this:

This is an insult.  My post was a totally legitimate series of concerns with
the continuing viability of a system that may be made  nsupportable by yet
another set of circumstances completely outside our control.  As if we don't
have enough of these already.  I have clients who are considering HD
machines, and technical and subjective considerations aside, they would be
completely justified in viewing me as ncompetent, ignorant, and plain stupid
if I didn't address such issues in my due diligence.  It has nothing to do
with Iraq, except for the short and long term business implications.  Anyone
with liberal hypersensitivities shaken by this has mental health problems,
and should seek help.

As for the fig leaf of supposedly keeping this list free of political
comment, Bill Topazio, who I do respect,  posted:

>Based on the symptoms, do you think it's possible that George Bush also
operates at 12fps?

Did we see any public censure for this?  No.  So not only are we NOT keeping
the TIG apolitical, we are allowing undisguised anti administration smears
to be posted with impunity.  And I have seen worse, again without any
action.  Hypocrisy of the first order.

On the censorship issue, I am a Viet Nam vet, and will not be silenced by
the thought police, here or anywhere else.  It this TIG is to be run like a
Marxist reeducation camp, then you can unsubscribe me at your pleasure.  I
don't find it particularly useful, anyway, consisting largely of vapid
babbling by people who seem to have little of importance to say, and with
too much time on their hands.  How to lace a telecine, and the color of
streetlights, and other such drivel.  Perhaps this is a factor in so many of
these companies evaporating recently.

I have tried to contribute substantively, to glazed over eyes, egotistic
bloviation, and feral rants.  Whatever.  I'll be wasting less of my time
doing that.  To reiterate, I will not be politically correct, and I will not
bury my head in the sand over this, or any other issue.  Throw me off if you
want.  It would only prove my point.

BTW - thanks to all who responded to my post off list.  Many thoughts were
perceptive, and all are appreciated.  - Don't be so cowed next time...


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