[Tig] I will not be `forgiven'

Craig Leffel craig
Fri Mar 28 17:23:13 GMT 2003

John Frey wrote;

> >I was somewhat taken aback - no, lets make that aghast - at receiving the


>>>>>This is an insult.  My post was a totally legitimate series of concerns
with the continuing viability of a system that may be made  unsupportable by
yet another set of circumstances completely outside our control

As someone who has taken others to task on this list, and commonly uses
sarcastic criticism to voice my own opinion, I applaud you John.

This mailing list should not be censored in any way from my point of view.
It should not be a socio-political haven for anyone. This is purely an
electronic means of communication for a group of peers with a common
interest. There has to be room for dissent and personal ( sometimes
passionate ) opinion. As Rob reminds all of us from time to time, if this is
to be considered an auditorium full of 1000 people with one person at the
mic -- then I suggest that occasionally some might not enjoy or agree with a
particular opinion... if so, I would further suggest they are free to leave
the discussion ( shut down the window and hit "next thread").

I think there's a fairly smart bunch of people who read this list. It's
obvious from what posts get responded to and which ones don't  -- what
people are thinking.

Let them decide.

Craig Leffel


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