[Tig] JWF will not be 'forgiven'

Ralph Kalatucka ralphk5
Fri Mar 28 20:49:30 GMT 2003

to JWF - - -

Calm down.  Geez.

Your views are supported by many people and your political statements are
valid, but not necessarily on the TIG.

And infering that the TIG has "thought police" and that it may be run like a
"marxist re-education camp" are wildly out-of-place.

The TIG founder and co-administrator has always made clear what is
appropriate and what is not on this site. If some other political views have
slipped through, its only because Rob didn't catch it.

Noting that you say other contributions consist of "egotistic bloviation,
and feral rants..."

Bloviation is a new word for me, so I checked www.dictionary.com and they
say it is a noun for "Bloviate: To discourse at length in a pompous or
boastful manner."

So, thanks for improving my vocabulary.

Ralph K.
in L. A.

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