[Tig] I will not be `forgiven'

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Fri Mar 28 23:46:47 GMT 2003

John Frey wrote;

>> I was somewhat taken aback - no, lets make that aghast - at
>> receiving the following:

Welcome to the club brother!

For the last few years the TIG has been locked-down so tightly that it is
choking.  Sure, an occasional discussion with some degree of substance
surfaces here and there, but if strong opinions are ever posted you can
expect to be clubbed over the head right-away.

Then, of course, there's the outright posting of false information.  Because
of the "club over the head" syndrome TIG posters are almost assured not
being taken to task for posting factually-challenged information.  All TIG
posts seem to have a requirement of being neutral and insipid.  And so, with
the prospect of being chastised as real as it can get, few TIG subscribers
feel compelled to engage in debate of any kind.  I should know, I am the
proud recipient of enough of these to probably warrant a new award being
created.  I have yet to see anyone, on or off-list, take the time to show
where my (often strong) opinions failed to match reality.  Rather than do
that people resort to being offended and rest on their laurels as
justification for posting nonsense that someone was willing to challenge.
In all cases I can recall, arrival at the truth --or at least a well-debated
consensus or conclusion-- was squelched.

And, please, no more administrative minutia, reviews of Portuguese-language
books, color of lights from airplanes, etc., etc.  I'm sure that has very
little to do with a Telecine Internet Group.  If anything, worrying about
the supply-chain consequences of this war as it pertains to telecine
equipment is 1000 times more relevant to the TIG community than the latest
mail-daemon mishap or the idiosyncrasies of xyz mail agent.

In a usefulness scale of one to ten, with ten being best, I place the online
portion of the TIG discussion forum at about 1 or 2, maybe 3 as a stretch.
The only saving grace the TIG has is a purported "back channel" that is of
some use.  I say "purported" because I can't see client-manufacturer
communications being a part of this, since, if you bought a daVinci, Cintel,
Philips/Thomson/GVG, Pogle, etc., if you need the TIG to establish
communications you might want to seek the advice of a qualified
mental-health professional.

As Craig said:

> I think there's a fairly smart bunch of people who read this list.

So, why not stop the iron-fist moderation/censorship and let smart folk
decide what this public forum needs to be?  I for one would like to see a
lot more coming from manufacturers, facilities and end-users without them
fearing the sledge hammer dangling over their heads.  I for one would like
to engage in spirited debate from which something can be learned, otherwise,
why bother.

With every one of these incidents another nail is being pounded on the TIG
coffin.  That's my never-humble opinion.

War sucks.

Unfortunately, until the human condition is elevated to a much higher plane
of existence, waging war will be an unfortunate --and sometimes necessary--
part of our civilization.

No nation, not faith, no single human being on this planet has reached this
day and age without bloody hands.  Some of us owe our very existence to war.
Some of us owe our very existence to, against all odds, surviving a war or
genocide.  And, others, clearly owe their very ability to live and prosper
to the courage, willingness, self-sacrifice and determination of others to
wage war on their behalf or in support of the oppressed and disadvantaged.
However, what's even worst, is that we will never know what brilliant human
beings this planet has lost over the ages to war.  As the movie said: "Funny
game, the only way to win is not to play".  I hope our kids get to turn that
idealism into reality one day.

Yes. War sucks.

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