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Michael Orton mike
Sat Mar 29 18:46:05 GMT 2003

At 15:46 -0800 3/28/03, Martin Euredjian wrote:
>And, please, no more administrative minutia, reviews of Portuguese-language
>books, color of lights from airplanes, etc., etc.

Martin, as usual, I have to agree with almost everything you've said, 
with the exception of the above paragraph. I believe that Rob, Rich 
and friends have put enough hours and dollars into the TIG to earn 
the right to occasionally digress into deep-space, and even to apply 
what may at times seem to be arbitrary and capricious rules of 

To JWF: You are obviously an intelligent person (otherwise you 
wouldn't subscribe to the TIG). You must surely agree that there are 
many people who have diametrically opposing and vehement views about 
"our" prosecution of the war.

Upon reflection, its probably best for the TIG to avoid inflammatory 
confrontation about the subject: there's always someone who has a 
different view, as I personally found after reposting an article 
about 9/11: sure enough, one person did take issue with me offline, 
despite almost universal revulsion to that attack.

Your post was interesting, if a mite paranoid. You forget who sends 
(most of) the chips to France/Germany to solder onto the boards! A 
Euro trade embargo, which is what I believe you were postulating, 
would be what we Brits call "cutting off your nose to spite your 

On the other hand, there is a grain of truth to your thread: 
Purchasing decisions based on geopolitical or ethnic reasons? Whoever 
has heard of such a thing? Well, just about everyone. I remember some 
colorist colleagues nix a small, purple, Thomson switcher because it 
looked "too French".

Sacre Bleu!

Mike Orton

PS "Bloviation" was new to me too. Live and learn!
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