[Tig] I will not be `forgiven'

Alex Pimentel alex
Sat Mar 29 23:33:46 GMT 2003

> And, please, no more administrative minutia, reviews of
> books, color of lights from airplanes, etc., etc.

Hey Martin,

don't let your Argentinian roots be exposed so badly.....
Portuguese is fine... ;-))))
I promisse I will not write anything about the Soccer World Cup.... ;-))))

at the end we all like to discuss telecines but even in formal
meetings is hard to keep track of the main topic...

Apart the war questions and who's on what side, commercially
speaking companies may be in trouble if they can not get
support from manufacturers.
For us living far from any technology center in the world, we have
learned the hard way on how to survive that.
In our case the political scenario may be a concern.
Investments are high and also the risks.
But even without war, in our high tech market, there is a growing
business risk. Just to mention a few in the last two years, 5D, ITK,
SGI, Discreet, all recent fusions and acquisitions (GVG, Philips, etc..).

Peace on earth!  Peace on TIG!


Alex Pimentel
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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