[Tig] I will not be `forgiven'

Alejandro Perez sensei
Sun Mar 30 00:16:56 GMT 2003

(...I am a Marxist -98 over 100 at Gulag High School.  I love to look at
street lights from an airplane minutes before landing and think about of
where all that cars are going to -so early.  I do not have much free time,
for sure.  Many times I dunno have anything of importance to say.  Besides,
the TIG list is English speaking and I am Argentinian.  I love Brazilian
music.  Brazilians speak in Portuguese.  Argentinians speak in Spanish.
Many years ago I've used to be a Vietcong...  Anyway I have a large draw of
clients into my Spirit suite.  I confess:
I do not how to lace my telecine.  For that, I've hired a couple of young
female iraqs assistants dressed ala Barbara Bush style...)

Stop Facism, please.

Alejandro Perez

Buenos Aires

sensei at arnet.com.ar

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