[Tig] alpha switcher help

Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Mon May 5 18:05:26 BST 2003

The Alpha Image 500 (Digital Vision Mixer) with an Alphie panel is dying...
This small 601 switcher is used in our color suite.  

If anyone can offer any help (see below), or if anyone has one  or parts for sale 'cause they've retired theirs, please contact me.

Our issue is that the 601 input(s) to the Video (fgnd) Layer have become unusable (while using Super Layer Mixing & Wiping).  It is always hard to describe what "bad video" "looks like."  I'd describe it now as looking more like a "tearing"with fluctuating diagonal distorting including blanking coming into the pix, rather than stuff like PtoS problems or digital "hits."  There is definitely some "digital green" fluctuating thru the pix in lines and larger areas too.  I could certainly send some frames grab to anyone that thinks they could help...   Anyway, the Background layer passes video just fine. The Video/Fgnd (the Alphie labels it Video but some might call it fgnd; they label the bkgnd as Background) layer can be used for the internal Black and Video Matte just fine.  This slow death has progressed from  the Video layer inputs showing intermittent digital "zippers" to now showing this really bad looking pix.  There was a period where Bars from our sync generator showed no or fewer problems than other sources like our DDR or tape machines, but now Bars look just as bad.  During this period I could also step the DDR to some frames that would cause the switcher to pass good video while some frames went batty.  Now all input 601 looks bad through the Video/Fgnd bus.

Also of note is that the Trackball won't work.  This is used for moving around the wipes, as well as changing stuff in the menus.  Weird.  Both of these issues were going away for shortening periods of time after power cycles...

So, anyone out there with some help or parts for sale??  (Our current back-up plan is for the most inexpensive 601-only used switcher... which at the moment seems to be a  used For.A for around $8K...  all this until we really need an HD switcher...)


Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston
greg.dildine at finishedit.com

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