[Tig] Color Grading in NLEs

Kevin Monahan videoweb
Wed May 7 21:09:19 BST 2003

I'm new to the list and I'm here because I need a bit of education from
the specialists in this field. Much respect to all of you, BTW.

I am writing a book on Final Cut Pro Visual Effects and am working on
the Color Correction chapter. It's a basic primer, so I wouldn't worry
about Uncle Joe stepping in and taking work away from ya'll from this
info. :)

Since the chapter looks at color correction from an FX standpoint, I am 
about something that is taken for granted: color selection when making
color tints. Since you have control over varying luma ranges with
color balance wheels for each range, you can choose 3 different
colors for each application of the filter.

Question of the day:

If you didn't have a client and were experimenting with your own color
blends, where do you start from in choosing color combos that work
harmoniously with each other?

I've done some experimenting with complimentary colors, analagous
mids, etc. and it's working out well as a base from which to start from.
By altering luma and sat values, of course, even more combinations
can be derived from a simple color scheme.

How do you choose your color combinations? I asked a number of
colorists I know and they have not heard of using color theory to assist
in color choice. I assume that once you get to be a pro colorist, this
is more intuitive-I can understand that. But am I on to something with
this idea?

Also, if anyone has any Q's on FCP's 3 Way Color Corrector, I would
be happy to answer them.

Thanks so much for your thoughts,

Kevin Monahan
Author FCP FX
Peachpit Press

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