[Tig] RE: [Tig] Simple Dailies TelecinО

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Wed May 7 23:04:00 BST 2003

Pandora also offer very good telecine control.

IMHO I would recommend Aaton over Evertz.

I have no experience of Evertz but know a man who has :-(

A must has to be reliable KeyKode and timecode. In the 525 world, 2:3
pulldown, 'A' frame editing and accurate flex files are the most important.

Are you in a 525 or 625 country?

Jeff Booth

Disclaimer. I use Aaton because I know it is good. I admit they have bought
me the occasional glass of wine. Regardless of the amount of alcohol, I
wouldn't risk the reputation of my facility's output on a system I didn't

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Don Trepczyk supports the tig.

Am I right in thinking the only currently manufactured system for
machine-controlling telecin? is TLC-2 by DaVinci?

What combination of Evertz boxes do I need to get both burn-in and
3-line VITC on the same tape? Am I better off with Aaton?

Basically what is a must for one-lite feature dailies telecin? and
what is a luxury?


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