[Tig] RE: [Tig] Simple Dailies Telecin? oops

Craig Nichols cnichols
Thu May 8 00:43:09 BST 2003

Sorry, I got this question confused with one on the DaVinici list.  Besides,
(brainstream reset) I don't think any telecine puts out slow pal.  

But, back the original question, I have used Evertz for 3 line VITC and
found it to be quite reliable.  I have also been impressed by Aaton systems
I have had as demos, but no one I've worked for has bought them because they
already owned Evertz gear.

By the way, what do you mean by 24+1 capability?

Craig Nichols
Ascent Media Management Services

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Don Trepczyk supports the tig.

Thanks a lot to everybody elping on and off the list.

>Are you in a 525 or 625 country?

625 and I really need 24+1 transfer capability

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