[Tig] Simple Dailies Telecine

David L. Tosh dlt
Thu May 8 04:48:44 BST 2003

At 10:26 AM +0400 5/7/03, Michael Aranyshev wrote:
>Am I right in thinking the only currently manufactured system for
>machine-controlling telecine is TLC-2 by DaVinci?

Apparently so. Whatever happened to ASTEC? I can't find any 
information on the web. The TLC family now include the original TLC 
1, the external DOS based TLC 2, the internal TLC of the Renaissance 
8:8:8 color corrector and the current internal TLC of the daVinci 2K.

But, you might not need a telecine controller. For your features 
dailies, do you record continuous ascending timecode on each VTR reel 
you produce during a dailies session? Do you record to just one 
master VTR (and pull window dubs after?) If you use some reliable 
footage encoders and 3 line VITC insertion kit, you can just use an 
everyday remote panel to do VTR assemble edits and roll the telecine 
using the "MK-I index digit" (right or left handed as you prefer.) 
Your logging software captures the relationship between the film key 
numbers, audio timecode and VTR timecode after everything is in 

>What combination of Evertz boxes do I need to get both burn-in and
>3-line VITC on the same tape? Am I better off with Aaton?

I find both systems equally useful and reliable. Both may take some 
accommodation to get consistent results but either will do the job. 
(I think Aaton was a little ahead in reliably logging 24+1 transfers 
but I believe Evertz is capable by now. Right, Alan? The Evertz kit 
is the 4025 footage encoder with a suitable barcode reader and the 
Tracker logging application. The Aaton Keylink system, various 
vintages will also do the job. You might place an advertisement on 
TIG-announce looking for used gear.

BTW, for accurate 24+1 transfers, you will have to use a Cintel 
machine. The "24.000" SAS speed on the CCD scanners is only an 
approximation of the correct rate. What type of telecine do you have?

>Basically what is a must for one-lite feature dailies telecine and
>what is a luxury?

The three most critical components of feature dailies are:
Accurate logs,
Accurate logs
and (you guessed it)
Accurate logs.

I find a good cup of coffee every 30 minutes helps, too.


David Tosh
<dlt at earthlink.net>

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