[Tig] Color Grading in NLEs

Leffels acleffel
Thu May 8 08:38:43 BST 2003

Sam Holtz wrote:

> paper) are always have been (R)Red (B)Blue and (G)Green  The term Y is
> utilize to represent Luminance (it is preferable to use the letter
> (L)Luminance  witch is the sum of R+B+G  approximately.

Hi Sam.

Although admittedly, my post was a babbling mess of run on sentences and
unfinished thoughts, I meant for Y to be Yellow in my RBY reference. In the
real world these are in fact, the primary colors, and they do exist. We can
in fact make  green, purple and orange  in a conventional color corrector.
By definition, these are "secondary" colors made from blends of primaries.
Terciary colors certainly do exist to our eyes on a monitor. As for how they
get made on a technical level, I won't even try to address. As far as I know
the only color correction apparatus to address terciary colors was the one
built at Encore (Riot).

I was unsure of Kevin's grasp of color theory so I was just throwing a few
things in the pot for discussion. We've chatted offline, and Kevin got my

While I am just another "dumb colorist" as I like to remind the folks at
Davinci, I do understand what Y is in the video world. I was trying to
address color thinking as an approach on the desktop.

I do appreciate the information Sam, it's always good to be reminded that
there's no damn blue in a conventional television signal.

Yours in Twisting,

Craig Leffel

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