[Tig] Sony Exits Telecine Market - Front page of SHOOT 5/16/03

Fri May 16 22:02:32 BST 2003

2:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time, rtorpey at worldnet.att.net writes:

> So now the front page of SHOOT magazine has a story that Sony has exited
> the telecine market but will continue supplying parts &service for 7
> years.
> Would anyone from Sony like to discuss that with their customers?
> Rich Torpey

This is something that I was expecting -While in San Juan ,I ,was asked to 
DEMO at NAB for the Sony hooked to the INFERNO... I refused due to the 
quality of the Image and that I did not expect the product to last in the 
market.... My largest concern is WHAT about those clients that put the money 
into the SONY machine
is SONY going o help them NOW?

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